In March 2020 during Lent, my church was reading the stories of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection from the book of Luke. I had never put narratives to music before, but reading the scriptures and experiencing the drama of the story brought me straight to the piano where I started writing what became “Crucify Him,” a musical setting of the crucifixion. The other albums on the Resurrection and Incarnation followed shortly after. 

Writing the music usually entails recording improvised melodies/harmonies and then listening back. If what I hear fits the meaning of the text, I'll keep it and add to it. Improvising the music initially gives me a starting point for later edits. Some kind of vocal harmony is something I always love to experiment with and is almost always a part of the composition.  

Mark ~ Audio engineer


Recording at Bias Studios has been an amazing experience, to say the least. Mark, the audio engineer, has gone above and beyond and it's been an honor working with someone so good at what they do. After being in the studio for 5 months, working/coordinating/scheduling 20 musicians, and redoing countless takes, has been a challenge for sure, but worth it.   

The Choir

Michael ~ Violinist