My name is Sarah Wilcox, a singer-songwriter and composer from Falls Church, VA. My passion is setting scripture to music.  

The Music: 

My EP, Our Father, was written and recorded in 2019. After that, I wrote a series on the seven days of creation and Psalm 42. My Two new albums, 'Crucify Him' and 'My Lord and My God', finished in April of 2023, have been released on all musical platforms.  My current project on the Incarnation, called Emmanuel, is in the process of being recorded, released, and performed.  Please consider donating to the project here

The Vision: 

A common scenario— 

“Alleluiah!” The words echo from the priest’s mouth as I am cued to stand. It’s another Sunday, and although tired from Saturday night’s activities, I dragged myself out of bed and made it to church. After sitting through the familiar readings from the Old and New Testaments, it’s time for the Gospel. I watch as the sacred scriptures are raised high in the hands of the priest and my mind starts to wander: “What passage will be read today? Jesus, healing the man with the withered hand? The adulterous woman being saved? The blind man being healed?” 

I love all these stories, so why does my mind wander? No matter how remarkable His miracles may be, I still struggle to feel the weight of them. It’s as if my mind turns to black and white and it can’t get to color. Why? 

I was taught to read the Bible with analytical eyes, through an intellectual lens. This is, of course, necessary for growth in the knowledge of God. But what about entering into a true encounter with Him, and seeing Him face to face? What about feeling love for God and his love for me? 

A wise faith-based psychologist once said, “Our God is a God of emotion.” I believe art is a vessel for accessing this emotion and a deeper connection with the truth that we read in the scriptures.  

So why set scripture to music? To bring it to life. And I mean really live into it, as if back in time, walking alongside Jesus as He heals the lepers and casts out demons. Really live into it as if standing with his mother as she wept at the foot of the cross. I mean believing it, and wanting to be as close as possible. For me, hearing the familiar stories set to music is an avenue for such an experience. My hope is that this music, when listened to, is not just a live performance to fill up a weekend evening, but rather something that creates a rich atmosphere where we can encounter God.  

What’s happening now: 

Coming soon in February, are two albums on Christ’s Crucifixion and Resurrection. During the creative process, I focus in on what the characters might have been feeling which informs how I set each vignette to music. Peter’s cry of desperation when he denies Jesus is experienced through the dramatic descending lines of vocal harmonies. The sustained, piercing high note of the violin represents the anguish of Jesus when he prays in the garden. A low note on the piano, rapidly repeating itself over and over again, draws out the intensity of Jesus’s pain when he is being mocked and scourged by the soldiers. Bouncy, jazz-like rhythm of the strings highlights the humor when the resurrected Jesus surprises the disciples on the beach of Galilee. Jesus’s words spoken at the Ascension are sung by a blended choir, “And Lo, I am with you, even until the end of the age.”  

So here’s where I ask the question– After reading this, are you inspired? 

If the answer is yes, then please consider supporting me financially. I simply can’t make this happen without you. Here are two ways to contribute: